About Us

Our Vision: Dynamic Solutions, Design to Destination.

A superior standard of quality, reliability and turnaround time has propelled Con Cast Pipe to an unmatched pace of expansion. We are a full service supplier to the sewer and watermain industry in municipalities across Ontario. Our product line is made up of a comprehensive range of infrastructure products, including PERFECT PIPE, an innovation guaranteed to revolutionize the future of the precast industry. In addition, we embrace the opportunity to provide custom applications based on customer needs.

Our two centrally located manufacturing facilities are continuously updated, bringing the uniformity and speed of automation to our processing equipment. Our Guelph facility offers a 120,000 square foot drycast facility and 30,000 square foot wetcast facility, while the Oakville operation consists of 80,000 square feet of innovative manufacturing space and 9,000 square feet of auxiliary space. The combined capabilities of these two facilities offer precast diversity and flexibility that are the envy of the industry.

Total satisfaction comes from a total service approach. We listen to our Customers and work closely with them at every stage to meet their goals and schedules – from competitive pricing and efficient tendering to fully designed and engineered solutions to pre-construction meetings and on-site support at installation.

As proud as we are of the achievements and growth that have marked our past, we are especially proud of the company that Con Cast Pipe is today – providing the new measure of precast concrete manufacturing. Choose us.


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