PERFECT PIPE System Changing the Performance of Sanitary & Storm Sewer Pipeline Systems

As published in the Ontario Concrete Pipe Association’s Concrete Pipe Journal Fall 2017 Issue.

The Scottish Heather Development Inc. Subdivision Ph 3 in Brampton, Ontario is the latest project to benefit from the long-term performance of concrete pipe that arrives on site with a high density polyethylene (HDPE) liner. The concrete pipe provides the strength to carry heavy loads from overburden and traffic, and hydraulic design to collect and drain sewage from the site and upstream communities. The liner protects the interior concrete surface from the damaging effects associated with corrosive gases and liquids that can form in a sanitary sewer system, including Microbial Induced Corrosion (MIC).

The PERFECT PIPE system was included in the construction of Rivermont Road, the north-south collector connecting Steeles Avenue and Heritage Road. Rivermont Road is 30m in width, providing two traffic lanes in each direction, and accommodating storm and sanitary sewers (among other services and utilities). Installation of the sanitary sewer pipeline system included 206m of 600mm diameter PERFECT PIPE installed at a depth of 9.5m at a rate of 30m per day. Installation took place between April 26 and May 10, 2017.

The average trench width near the bottom of the pipe was measured as 1.8m. The trench wall was found to be rough and not maintained vertically due to the pre-installation blasting of the bedrock. The width of the trench tapered from the top of the pipe at an approximate 1:1 ratio. The trench was sandwiched with 50mm thick flexible panels, and HL6 bedding material placed to a minimum thickness of 150mm, continuing to the crown of the pipe. Compaction of the HL6 is considered as a C 1 bedding in accordance with CSA S6-14 Table 7.9. Sand fill was used to backfill over the pipe with compaction of at least five passes using a plate tamper. The installation is considered an equivalent to Type l installation in accordance with Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code.


PERFECT PIPE is manufactured to CSA A257.2 and OPSS1820 specifications. It is manufactured in various diameters that are 100% protected by the HDPE liner. PERFECT PIPE has a lay length of 3m, 560mm longer than traditional pipe. Con Cast Pipe utilizes its self-consolidating concrete mix design which provides exceptional protection against the shifting or separation of the concrete pipe from the HDPE liner. Every liner is anchored to the concrete pipe by 900 homogeneously extruded anchors per square meter. Each anchor provides 56lbs (250N) of pull-out strength, ensuring that the liner stays in its intended position. The joint system can withstand a constant internal pressure of 36 psi through the combination of a dual jointing system that seals the liner inside the joint of the concrete pipe. The PERFECT PIPE is supplied with two Swift Lift lifting anchors located at the crown of the pipe, which are used for the safe handling and installation of the pipe.

PERFECT PIPE is suited for deep sanitary sewer gravity applications. Through the collaborative efforts of Con Cast Pipe, Con Drain Group, R. J. Burnside & Associates Limited, and the approval of the Region of Peel, the Scottish Heather Phase 3 project was an ideal project to demonstrate the features, functions and benefits that PERFECT PIPE offers as an infrastructure product.