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Box Units

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A simple road crossing can be installed and backfilled in one day. These units can also be installed in virtually any weather condition. Concast manufactures box units in accordance with the industry’s highest quality standards. The box units can be produced either by the efficient dry cast concrete process, or the versatile wet cast concrete process. Precast sections are also available as an open footing culvert, also known as a 3-sided box or Tri-Span.

Dry cast concrete box units are available in the 9 standard sizes listed in OPSS 1821, Table 1. All 9 sizes are supplied with a single offset joint and a pre-lubricated rubber gasket.

Wet cast concrete box units are available in hundreds of span, rise & wall thickness combinations to suit any application. Each precast section can be supplied with a shiplap joint to be filled with a mastic or mortar.

The standard lay length for all box sizes is 2.44m. Longer or shorter lengths are available to meet design and logistics limitations, and project requirements.


  • Can be designed for various depths and loading conditions, including truck, railway, and airport live loads
  • Available with cast-in hardware to accommodate a headwall, apron wall, wingwall, or a post-tensioning system
  • Not as dependent on the pipe-soil interaction for its structural strength, therefore is not as installation sensitive as other culvert materials
  • Available in countless configurations, such as bends, skews, radius, and custom fittings


Storm and sanitary gravity sewer systems
Utility corridors
Culvert crossings, single or multi-cell
Underground storage tanks
Conveyor tunnels
Pedestrian or wildlife crossings



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