U-Wall is a hybrid system that offers a true gravity interlocking wall unit with multiple engineering attributes such as unlimited tieback systems, slide correction for walls in distress, deep foundations and multiple post tensioning systems. Standard U-Wall sections are available in sizes 4′ H x 8′ L and 2′ H x 8′ L. Top course or single course wall sections can be cast as large as 7′ H x 8′ L.

  • Highway retaining walls
  • Versatile bridge abutment systems
  • Rock anchor systems
  • Soil nailing systems
  • Tieback systems
  • Flood control structures
  • Industrial building structures
  • Power generating structures
  • Sea wall structures

  • CSA A23.4 Precast Concrete – Materials and Construction

  • Can be erected with any selected batter which requires no bracing during construction
  • High shear values between each course
  • Requires less fill
  • Offers unequaled speed of installation with a small footprint