Titan Contractor Hub

Contact your sales rep or email us at sales@concastpipe.com for more information and to arrange a demo to see how the Titan Contractor Hub can work for you!

At Con Cast Pipe we are always working on ways to better serve our customers. We have worked with Muka Development Group to create the Titan Contractor Hub that we offer as part of our regular customer service with no added cost! Our team provides demos, step-by-step setup help, instructional videos, and continued support throughout your experience with this program.

The Hub is an online portal/website that acts as an efficient communication medium providing overall improved clarity of project status, delivery, and documentation. With no user limit, the Hub can be customized to your needs in terms of projects – what projects are included, who can access these selected projects, and what these users can access. The three main functionalities and benefits of this program include more visibility of your orders, the ability to release product for shipment, and the ability to review invoices and delivery documents.

Job Overview

On the Hub, users have the ability to review job specific structure information such as design status, components, weights, and stack drawings. The calendar view also shows loads that are created, their status, and details of the products on these loads. These functions allow you to always keep organized and up to date with your orders as the project information is clearly laid out for you.

Sample Job Overview – Structures
Sample Job Overview – Details
Sample Stack Drawing and Calendar View

Shipping Release

With this function, users can have more control over shipment information. You are able to select a delivery date by sending an electronic request to our shipping team, receive email order confirmation instantly, and review past delivery releases. The Hub makes shipment hassle free as all delivery information is easy to communicate and track online.

Sample Batch Request
Sample Delivery Details


This function makes your accounting process much easier as you can view your invoices, delivery tickets, and payment history all digitally on the Hub. This erases the chance of lost or miscommunicated information as everything is all stored online for your accounting team to access.