Con Cast Pipe is the licensed manufacturer of the CON/SPAN System for the Ontario region. This pre-engineered precast arch system provides efficient set-in-place construction of small bridges, culverts, underground containment and a wide range of other applications.

The advantages of this versatile precast modular system are:

  • Great Aesthetics with a unique arch geometry
  • Maximum Life Cycle Design using concrete materials
  • Quality Assurance provided by quality control programs
  • Significant Time and Cost savings over cast-in-place alternatives.

CON/SPAN Canada offers a product span ranging from 3.66 metres to 14.64 metres, with various vertical rises and lengths of section. The precast arch units can be adapted for curved alignments to compliment the waterway, or designed in multiple span configurations for the long distance crossings.

To further add to the versatility of CON/SPAN, optional components such as precast footings, headwalls or wingwalls can all be used to complete the entire CON/SPAN System.

In consideration of using the CON/SPAN System for your application, please download: CON/SPAN Site Considerations (PDF). The above information can be found in the CON/SPAN Engineering Guide. This guide provides a brief technical outline of the CON/SPAN System, accompanied by several figures and tables to assist you. If you would like to request a copy of the CON/SPAN Engineering Guide, please click here.

To view a photo filmstrip of setting a CON/SPAN unit in place, please download the CON/SPAN Installation Process (PDF).

  • CSA A23.4 Precast Concrete – Materials and Construction