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Welcome to the Con Cast Pipe website. At Con Cast Pipe, we have been precast innovators since 1989. Through our expanding network, we offer the most comprehensive range of infrastructure products available in the precast concrete industry today. What united us is also what sets us apart, our absolute demand for excellence, our full commitment to service and our deep enthusiasm for collaborating with customers. Our guiding spirit of innovation respects our people, our environment and works to the benefit of all. We take manufacturing places it has never been before. Join us!

Ensuring success for our employees, customers and stakeholders by creating an environment conducive to learning, growth and prosperity.


Proven track record for completing projects and specialty items more efficiently and more effectively than anyone else.


Driven to provide products, service and technical support that go above and beyond industry standards.


Since 1989, Con Cast Pipe has been an industry leader, offering new & comprehensive precast solutions.

ISO 9001:2008

Con Cast Pipe is now registered to the ISO 9001:2008 quality standard. This milestone for our company will help us to improve the quality of the products we manufacture, develop our management systems, and demonstrate our commitment to quality to specifiers across the province.


Con Cast Pipe offers the most comprehensive line of infrastructure products available in the market today.

Perfect Pipe

Con Cast Pipe is the first precast and concrete pipe manufacturer in Canada to exclusively offer the PERFECT PIPE system.


Con Cast Pipe offers competitive pricing for our entire range of products.